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"The Neurologist Gave Me X-rays, CT Scans, MRI, And An EEG Which They Said Was All Normal…Then They Sent Me To PT And Gave Me Pain Medicine But It Did Not Fix My Problems…Now I See Dr. Lavell And All My Areas Are Improving, And I'm Only In The Middle Of My Treatment Plan!"

I had lower back pain, pain between the shoulders and headaches with vision.  I had L5-S1 surgery in 2004, 2 pregnancies, saw a neurologist for the headaches and started PT for the back pain.  My father told me about Dr. Lavell.  I saw the neurologist, he said my x-rays, CT scan, MRI, and EEG were all normal.  He gave me pain medicine for the headaches the PT gave me exercises to strengthen my muscles to aid in lifting and doing daily activities, but he didn't fix my spine. 

I came to see if Dr. Lavell could help my back.  I didn't know that he could help so many ailments caused by pinched nerves.  I referred my husband, who was in a car accident and was suffering from back pain.  He said Dr. Lavell helped his pain go away.  I also brought in my 5 month old to treat her for acid reflux and a tender spine.  Dr. Lavell treated 4 different areas on my spine.  My neck greatly improved through adjustments.  My headaches have reduced infrequently and intensity, and we are still treating them.  My mid back is improving and my lower back has improved and is still improving.  I am in the middle of my treatment. 

My husband's pain went away in his neck and upper back from the car accident.  My daughter's spine is doing much better and her reflux has improved in frequency.  I am currently an EMT and a nursing student, and I will definitely refer people for a variety of ailments.  Thank you Dr. Lavell!



Karina Waktola 

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